Updated on:2022-12-06


Daylindo is a deployment application practices and transfer of skills in the work environment available on mobile and desktop.

To implement the practices expected by the company, we must continuously remind the objectives, monitor implementation, management planning, transfer skills in the work environment. The operational need to practice new ways, to be challenged, to be supported and motivated.
All the company's stakeholders are needed: craft, training department, learners, operational management, central management.
Daylindo is an integrated solution that can support and monitor the process of change, the transfer of skills and expected practices in the work environment.

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The mobile application is provision of corporate business to access content (processes, best pratices, procedures ...), to assess their progress and skills, and to share their challenges with their peers.
The administrator has a complete platform available on PC, to create content, broadcast, monitor the implementation of practices.
The mobile application is downloadable on invitation of the company. The content and communications are internal to the company.
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