INPS Mobile per Tablet

INPS Mobile per Tablet

Updated on:2022-12-06


INPS Mobile allows you to interact with some online services on the website INPS is ever closer to you with different methods of communication.

Services with authentication: Contribution Account Statement; Mailbox; Domestic Work Employer Account Statement; State of Public Employee Management practices; Public Employee Management Retirement Web Questions; Payment of redemptions, reunions and annuities; Payment of Domestic Workers; Company Social Security Drawer; Consultation ANF Domestic Workers Questions; Pension Applications Outcome; Consultation of ANF Separate Management Questions; Pension slip; Application Status; Payments and payslips status; INPS responds; Pension Certificate (ObisM model); Single Certification; Transferable share; Red Est Consultation; Notification Management; Agricultural Unemployment Application Outcomes; My Pension (Forecast for workers); Nest Bonus; Results NASpI Questions; Birth Award; CIP - Social Security Info Consultation; Consultation of ANF Direct Payment Questions for Companies; Citizenship Income / Pension Consultation; ISEE simulator for income / citizenship pension; Verbal Verification of Civil Invalidity; Management 730/4; GreenPass 50+; ISEE consultation; Single and universal allowance for dependent children

Services without authentication: Simulation Calculation of Housework Contributions; INPS responds; Headquarters branches

The display of services has been reorganized allowing the user to access different types of access, including the ability to navigate based on the type of user or topic.
The main view allows you to view the latest news, access the Institute's social networks, save your favorite services, allowing direct navigation to specific services.

The user can view the complete list of available services even without entering the credentials required for part of the services available in the INPS mobile app.
He must log in with PIN / SPID / CIE only when he chooses to use a service with authentication.

This version uses a new user interface, specifically designed for the use of the new features.
The navigation system is of the 'Tab Bar' type and updated to app usability standards.

Further news:

- a tutorial has been integrated that guides the user in using the new graphic interface on first access
- the services have been categorized by theme, by type of user
- the ability to view the Institute's social channels has been added
- you can view news and press releases
- the ability to authenticate with SPID has been added
- it is possible to create the list of favorite services;
- you can search for services by name;
- it is possible to report technical problems.

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