Mod Bussid Fuso Truk Lengkap

Mod Bussid Fuso Truk Lengkap

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The Collection of Bussid Simulator Indonesia Template

Bussid Full Vehicle Mania Mod Application - Who doesn't know a simulator game with a bus as the main vehicle called the Indonesian bus simulator? Yep, you guys already know this simulator game very well. Bus Simulator Indonesia or BUSSID has its own uniqueness among other simulator games. Like one of them, the nuances of Indonesian-style games are found in iconic areas.

This game turns out to have support for using MOD Bussid. This mod is a kind of file that allows players to use vehicles as they wish and can be designed by the player himself. This Bussid Full Vehicle Mania Mod application has a very complete collection of mods from the players.

With the presence of this complete collection of mods, the bus simulator game will feel more fun. Because the vehicles used are very varied so it does not cause boredom.

This application has several categories according to its type, such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. more than 300++ collection of mods that already exist in this application and will continue to be updated. This application is also complete with livery so that the appearance of the vehicle will be more attractive than usual.

The following is a list of mods in the application:
Mbois Bus
- JB3+ SHD Volvo B11R
- Scania Touring
- Transjakarta Cooperate
- Marcopolo Paradiso 1800DD
- SR2 XHD Scania K410iB
- Bumel Source Kencono
- Jetbus 2 Travelgo
- JB3 Dream Coach
- Luxury Tourist Bus
- Central Java Bus

Modified Cars
- Apollo Intense Emozione 2019
- Lamborghini Huracan Pamdem
- Mitsubishi Colt Rally
- Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012 TRD
- Suzuki Swift Time Attack cvt MAH Channel
- Skyline R32 GT-R Initial D
- Mazda Speed ​​3 2010 Custom
- L300 . car

Fuso Truck
- Truck UD Quester Tank Trailer (Pertamax Turbo)
- Iveco Bombeiros Fire Truck
- Scania P360 Fire Truck
- Truck Canter Samudra Nusantara
- Truck Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
- Truck Canter Chicken Bodykit Samudra Nusantara
- Trucks Mercedes-Benz Motorhome
- Eternal Revelation Truck 02
- Elf Box Truck
- Palm Oil Boss Truck

Drag Motor
- Honda CB 150R
- Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R
- Vespa Super 150
- Motor Hayabusa 1300CC
- BMW S1000RR . Motorcycle
- Honda Vario 150 Muffler Racing
- RX King motorcycles
- Mio Drag Motors
- Yamaha YZF R15
- Honda PCX
- Honda Beat Gojek
- Herex Tiger Motor

Unique Vehicle
- Cessna Citation X (Blue) Jet Plane
- Airbus Beluga 4 . aircraft
- Tank X Monster
- Cyborg Hoverbike
- Kids Tricycle V1
- Kids Tricycle V2
- Boeing P-8A Poseidon . aircraft

And there are many more collections contained in it.

With the new bussid map mod, you can try the new bussid map route by driving a drag bike mod simulator to add to the excitement of playing bussid drag 2023. Then for lovers of the drag bike mod simulator with a collection of herex motor sound helicopters and exhaust sounds you can also have it.

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