Terjemah Kitab Fathul Qorib

Terjemah Kitab Fathul Qorib

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Fiqh Idol - Translation of the Book of Fathul Qorib
Included material in this book:
- Transaction,
- borrow and borrow,
- Marriage Law
and other transactions

The book of Fathul Qorib was written by a scholar named Shaykh al-Imam al-Alim al-Allamah Syamsuddin Abu Abdillah Muhammad bin Qasim Asy-Syafi'i.
Syarah of the book Matan Al-Ghayah wat Taqrib 'Abi Syuja' (مختصر ابى اع- الغاية التقريب)
written by Syihabuddin Abu Syuja' Al-Ashfahani ( اب الدين احمد ابن الحسين احمد , ابو اع , اب الدين الطيب الاصفهانى)
Born: Year 434 H, died in 593 H
Book genre: Fiqh of the Shafi'i school

Syarah Matan Taqrib:
a. Fathul Qorib, by Imam Al-Ghazi,
b. Al-Iqna', by Sheikh Syarbini Al-Khatib,
c. Bujairimie Syarah Iqna', by Sheikh Sualiaman Al-Bujairimie.
d. At-tadzhieb Fie Adillati Matnil Ghoyah Wat Taqrib by Dr Mushthofa Diebul Bigha

Contents of Fathul Qorib:
- Introduction
- Taharah
- Salat
- Zakat
- Fast
- Hajj
- Buy and sell
- Inheritance and Will
- Marriage (Marriage)
- Divorce (Talak)
- Jinayat
- Hudud
- Jihad
- Hunt and Slaughter
- Competition and Archery
- Oaths and vows
- Law and Testimony
- Free the Slaves

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