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In-weather is a popular Czech application free and without ads, which displays the current outdoor temperature and weather forecast. The data is updated every 30 minutes and thus always corresponds to the actual measured values ​​at the location. The application offers a rich number of widgets with information about the weather, time, alarm clock or holidays. There are also daily updated forecasts. All this is set in a pleasant and clear design.

- display of current temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind direction and speed
- 9 day weather forecast
- detailed forecast for the next 24 hours
- climatic data at individual meteorological stations (records, weather archive)
- there are more than 5000 localities from the Czech Republic
- Widgets with current weather, forecast, time, holidays or alarm clock
- display of astronomical data (Sun and Moon)
- display of radar images including accurate forecast for 90 minutes

Detailed forecasts
For 24 hours in advance in the application you will find detailed forecasts after three hours, which will offer a comprehensive view of the expected weather in the near future (including weather forecast, temperature, total precipitation and wind). Of course, there is also a forecast for the next days, but only in the overall state for the whole day.

The densest network of weather stations
The application downloads data from a dense network of meteorological stations in the Czech Republic. In addition to professional stations, it also uses private stations located throughout the Czech Republic. In the application, you always look at accurate and current data measured in a given place.

The application offers a variety of widgets for your phone's desktop. Thanks to the widgets, you will learn not only the current temperature outside and the forecast for the next days, but also the current date, holiday and time. The largest widget format displays the clock, current temperature, holiday, date, weather for the day, and news. You will always have the weather information at hand.

You can view the exact development of precipitation in the application using data from radars, which capture the development of precipitation. The data is updated every 10 minutes. A radar forecast for the next hour is also available.

Forecasts made by Czech meteorologists
The forecasts are regularly updated and prepared by meteorologists from the In-weather portal. The data for the application are created directly in the Czech Republic and are regularly checked. The application uses a dense network of meteorological stations throughout our territory. In their immediate vicinity, the application displays the current outdoor temperature to one tenth of a degree exactly.
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