DS 360

DS 360

Updated on:2022-12-06


DS 360 simplifies event management allowing you to focus on what really matters: delivering the message of the event to your audience.

Use DS 360 to:
*Modify the schedule, materials, attendees, groups and notifications directly from the mobile application
*Communicate through channels and direct messages that support text, images, videos, and location sharing
*Engage your audience with surveys, polls, and session questions
*Capture the most memorable moments of your event with a Live Feed and dedicated image Gallery
*Explore a city with a FourSquare integration that provides a list of restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and more

DS 360 is the modern, quick and effective way to organize and deliver your next big event effortlessly.

**In-app demo events are available**

Learn more at: https://eventcadence.com
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