AI Photo Enhancer-Unblur/Clear

AI Photo Enhancer-Unblur/Clear

Updated on:2022-12-06


With the AI model being the foundation technology, AI Photo Enhancer - Lens was designed for photo editing, including making blurry photos clear, restoring old pictures, removing artifacts, sharpening, improving image quality to HD 4K resolution, etc.

#Main Features

- Improve photo quality: pictures shared on social media are usually low-resolution and retain compressions, AI Photo Enhancer - Lens could improve photo quality to HD 4K resolution and enlarge the image size for a better experience.

- Unblur portraits & selfies: the face AI model will unblur your portrait or selfie into HD photos, which also enhances your facial details in an amazing way!

- Restore old photos: with automated AI technology, you can fix old photos that are low-resolution and quality, shooting by a long time ago which turned out to be blurry now, and see incredible effects by using AI Photo Enhancer.

- Enhance without losing details: the AI model will increase the resolution 4 times, which brings you upscale **all images by up to 400% with HD 4K resolution.

- Enlarge AI Art to 4K wallpapers: unblur your AI Art created by midjourney or DALL-E and upscale to HD 4K wallpapers!

- No privacy sharing: AI Photo Enhancer - Lens will not upload your photo to any server for processing and analyzing.

#Why AI Photo Enhancer is So Popular

- Designers, who always needed to download images from the internet, may use AI Photo Enhancer occasionally as a second-processing tool to improve photo quality.

- Fashion trendsetters, without replacing the device with a high-resolution camera, AI Photo Enhancer can also do the job for you --- get the better resolution.

- Students, when you are far away from the blackboard, take it easy, try AI Photo Enhancer to make those blurry texts clear and visible.

- Workers, receiving lots of screenshots from boss and colleagues, but limited by the mobile phone storage, only see the unclear pic, by one click, AI Photo Enhancer will bring you to trace back to the main points of those previous meetings, zoom in the details.

#User Guide

Maximum image length: 1024 px

Our AI model is based on local processing, there are a few terms that need to be fit in Mobile:
- 8 G RAM and above
- Android 11 and higher

If your device doesn't meet the requirement, that's ok, here is a Free online AI Image Upscaler for you:


About Nero AG:
Nero AG started in 1995, during the 20+ years, Nero creates software that helps consumers around the world to simply enjoy their videos, photos and music. Nero produces widely used multimedia software, which contains powerful applications for media management, video playback, video editing, video converting, content syncing and disc burning. Nero is the link between your mobile devices, TV, and PC.

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