MCS - MedicalCare STATION

MCS - MedicalCare STATION

Updated on:2022-12-06


MCS (Medical Care Station) is a closed SNS developed exclusively for people involved in medical care.
* Registration is available only for those involved in medical care.

In order to respond to the needs of the medical field in the future, it was developed using mobile technologies such as **artphones, information sharing by a timeline format that anyone can use easily, "fully privately held" SNS which takes security into consideration It is a social medical cooperation platform specialized in medical care and nursing care for medical related facilities such as hospitals · clinics · nursing care facilities · pharmacies etc.

• Smooth implementation of multi-occupational collaboration among medical and nursing care workers
• Strong security environment "completely private"
• Smooth data sharing among authorized members
• Whenever you have an Internet environment, use it anytime, anywhere
• Simple, easy-to-use screen / function that anyone can use easily
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