Pharmacie Référence

Pharmacie Référence

Category:Health & Fitness
Updated on:2022-12-06


The Pharmacie Référence Groupe pharmacy network offers you a Health application to stay connected to your Pharmacist on a daily basis. Whatever your state of health, have free personalized advice and information to save time.

You can thus:
- Find the nearest pharmacy to you or throughout France, and save it to your list of "favorite" pharmacies,
- Discuss with your reference pharmacist / healthcare professional,
- Send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice for processing and then withdrawal from the pharmacy. You can also save your prescription without sending it, just share it and send it later.
-Find a pharmacy according to your desired specialty and make an appointment.
-Book your products from the application in the pharmacy* of your choice then withdraw your order from the pharmacy. (*The chosen pharmacy must offer the click & collect service).
- Have access to regular health advice: news, information sheets, travel advice, vaccination calendar, etc. and benefit from advice on nutrition and dietetics: recipes, news; with the possibility of sending you by email the information you wish to discuss with your pharmacist during a pharmaceutical or dietary interview,
- Attach your loyalty card and check its points balance.
- But also, save your information in the MY HEALTH FILE section (documents, constants, dosage table), for better monitoring and personalized support from your healthcare professional.

Thanks to the Pharmacy Reference application, find all the health information in a secure way.
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