Xpert Unit® : 1er moteur d’imp

Xpert Unit® : 1er moteur d’imp

Updated on:2022-12-06


Connect your Xpert Unit® and become a privileged user!

Thanks to the Xpert Unit® application, you can easily export your surgical data, edit reports to insert in your patient files or share with your correspondents, update your Xpert Unit®, quickly find answers to your questions and get in touch with Anthogyr support services.

The Xpert Unit application allows you to register your Xpert Unit to access many services.

Thanks to the "My Surgery Data" menu, synchronize or visualize your tightening torques. The torque registration and patient numbering features developed on the Xpert Unit® allow you to obtain a list of clear and easy-to-use data.

Go to the Xpert Unit® web portal to administer your surgery data, edit reports for patient files or your correspondents.

You are informed in real time of the updates of the software of your engine: a simple click is enough to take advantage immediately of the improvements made.

Find the serial number of your device and restore your preferences settings through the menu "My Motors Xpert Unit®"

Quickly find the answers to your questions in the "Help and Contact" section: video tutorials, user's manual, Frequently Asked Questions ... All information is at your disposal. And you can also contact Customer Service if needed.

The "Contact Technical Support" button gives direct access to Anthogyr technicians for a quick solution.

Become a privileged user and access new services with the 1st connected implantology engine!

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Last updated on Aug 29, 2022

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