Image to SVG (Animation/Still)

Image to SVG (Animation/Still)

Category:Art & Design
Updated on:2022-12-07


Convert GIF/PNG/JPG images or GIF animations to SVG files

This is a utility for converting GIF animations or GIF/PNG/JPG still images to SVG files.
If the input is a GIF animation, the app will produce multiple SVG files as frames of the animation.
They could be used to produce vector animations.

App will write the output to a folder under DCIM/SVG on your phone storage.
The output is useful to be used in laser applications, laser animations.
It is tested with Laser Cube (LaserOS)

Please watch the video for full usage instructions:

What's New in The Latest Version 2.1

Last updated on Nov 24, 2022

- fix for cached files & folders
- added option to support the app by purchase
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