Curam for carers

Curam for carers

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Updated on:2022-12-07


At Curam we do things differently. Our platform was founded on the idea of building a fairer care community for all. A community which respects the value of care. One where clients have choice and control and carers have the ability to earn on average £15 per hour. Where carers are respected and rewarded for the great work they do.
Choose the right client or clients for you, from the hundreds of new clients signing up to Curam every week across the UK. Both private clients and increasingly local councils, care homes, NHS Trusts and direct payment card holders. We advertise your profile for free.
There are no joining or subscription fees. You agree an hourly or daily rate with your client and our fees come out of this rate. Carers typically take home less than 50% of what a client pays a traditional agency. As a self-employed carer on the Curam platform you receive 85% of what the client pays. Carers are averaging £15 per hour or over £100 per day for live-in care on Curam.
With Curam as long as you transact properly through the platform all payments are secure and guaranteed.
Carers are the bedrock of the sector and Curam’s philosophy is to support them wherever we can. We encourage micro-teams for support of both the carer and their client. We have launched a range of benefits including shopping discounts, holiday and sick pay insurance and more. We will soon be launching a safety app. There are 12 free online training courses available to all approved carers. The team at Curam is also here to support our fantastic carers in using the platform and getting the best out of it.
All the carers who transact through the Curam platform are automatically insured by Curam for free.
By downloading the Curam Carer App you can apply for jobs near you and get immediate notification of new jobs posted. Plus instant messaging with clients and or their families.
Future updates will include a carer review section and a care plan you can easily adapt for your individual clients. Alongside updated information with regards to the care sector as a whole and much much more.
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