Skyline MWA

Skyline MWA

Updated on:2022-12-07


Real Time job updates for engineer to efficiently complete a service call out

The Skyline Mobile Workforce Application allows your Field Engineers to be directly connected to their days workload, and is compatible with any Android SMART Phone, Tablet or Phablet. With ‘Real Time’ updates to your ServiceBase/Skyline the engineer can quickly and efficiently complete a service call out.

The app is designed to work alongside your ServiceBase/Skyline allowing your engineer to view and manage all job details. With Start of day routines, engineer ID card, Real Time updates and many other features, the app can revolutionize the way you manage your workload.

The App will order the jobs and schedule the actual time that the engineer is expected to arrive on site. Upon arrival the engineer will confirm that they are at the site and the system will automatically flag the job as in progress. The arrival time, the duration of the service and the leaving time are stored on the system for all participants to view.

Your engineers can take photos, call customer, call base, find a buddy and take the customers signature, all directly within the app. Jobs will be automatically updated in real time from the app to your ServiceBase/Skyline, removing any need for physical documentation.

Please Note: To use the Skyline Mobile Workforce Application (formally known as the Remote Engineering Application or RE App for short) you must have an active account on either Skyline or ServiceBase and have been enabled to use the SMWA. The app works in conjunction with a paid for service and does not work as a standalone application.

What's New in The Latest Version 2.9.34

Last updated on Oct 12, 2022

* Sorted Engineer Notes in chronological order.
* Enable select text desc in Engineer Notes
* Fix for photo Image quality issue.
* Fixed Signature issue in Android 11 Samsung devices.
* Fixed Location update when no network.
* Minor Bug fixes.
* Fixed Crash issues.
* Security features.
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