Dynamic Island iOS 16

Dynamic Island iOS 16

Updated on:2022-12-07


Change your android **artphone notification style to look like iOS 16 with Dynamic Island.

On Dynamic Island iOS 16, you can check alerts and current activity in progress like iOS 16, such as music that’s playing, timer, weather in the Dynamic Island on the home screen or in any app. Dynamic Island helps users easier access to controls with simple gestures without impeding content on the screen. Touch and hold the Dynamic Island to expand it and see more details about the activity.

Dynamic Island is designed based on the original iOS 16 but with adjustments for better display on Android devices. You can personalize Dynamic Island to make it more beautiful and fit your needs. Easily customize the dynamic island with many different size, position, and much more.

- Show incoming calls
- Read and show notification on Dynamic Island
- Show music waveform, access music controls and a music player.
- Show timer, alarm clock
- Show charging information while charging
- Display and keep track of weather
- Display and quick access to the calendar
- Fast, **ooth, easy to use
- Allows editing size, position of Dynamic Island
- And more to come soon!

- QUERY_ALL_PACKAGED : to check, show and manager Apps notification can show on Dynamic View
- OVERLAY PERMISSION : to manager overlay view and display Dynamic View on all of screen view
- NOTIFICATION PERMISSION : to show notification on Dynamic View
- ACCESSIBILITY PERMISSION : Set up and display the Dynamic Island, Display and show more information weather, alarm, music notification view control. The application commits not to collect or share any user information about this accessibility right.

Dynamic Island iOS 16 is a perfect application and helps you have a phone like iOS 16.
Dynamic Island has been supported:
iOS Launcher: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babydola.launcherios

We hope you will like the app and support it.
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