Purchase and Sales Book

Purchase and Sales Book

Updated on:2022-12-07


A Purchase and Sales Book app is a record of all sales and purchase made by a business.

Special journals/books to manage entries such as Sale to customer, Purchase from vendor, Return to vendor, Return to customer, Stock Adjustment, Add income-expense and manage investments.

App best use for **all-business owners and entrepreneurs. This is the most effective way to track all of your daily sales and purchase entries.

States for:
- Customer and Vendor
- Balance Detail
- Total Sales
- Total Purchase
- Overall Income
- Overall Expense

Purchase and Sales Book App Features :
- You can sell, purchase, return and edit existing transactions.
- View Reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Custom Dates, Total etc)
- Export Reports in Excel and receipt
- Scan product with Barcode Scanner tool
- Manage your customers, products and vendors and investors
- View for Day, Week, Month, Year or any custom date range
- You can generate different reports like Sales, Purchase, Stock report, Investor Ledger, Expense & Income states and Cash balance
- Drive backup restore your data
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