Liker Land

Liker Land

Category:News & Magazines
Updated on:2022-12-07


Liker Land let you
- own your decentralized identity
- manage your LikeCoin asset
- participate in decentralized publishing

Decentralized Identity
The wallet address is your identity in the Web3 world. Surf the web with the dedicated address created by Liker Land.

Manage LikeCoin Asset
Liker Land is a crypto wallet. Use it to check LIKE balance, transfer and receive LIKE, and also delegate LIKE to get some delegation reward.

Participate in Decentralized Publishing
Browse the content of, which is the "Web3 Twitter", a decentralized social media.

Civic Liker
Delegate at least 5,000 LIKE to "Civic Liker" node to become a Civic Liker, so that you can use your delegation reward to reward creators, with no need to consume the principle.
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