CASIO Nail Printer

CASIO Nail Printer

Updated on:2022-12-07


With this app, you can print nails with the Nail Printer of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

【Nail Printer】
・Easy nails in just 15 seconds. Feel free to enjoy your nails!
Print time is only 15 seconds for any complicated design.
Once you've prepared and put your finger in the machine, all you have to do is wait.
It takes about 20 minutes to complete, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy authentic nails without spending much time!

[Design Catalog]
・ Abundant designs that can be used in various scenes
We have more than 300 types of variations that you can choose according to the occasion and mood, from standard to seasonal and trendy.
New works are added one after another, so you are sure to find your favorite.

[Nail editing function]
- You can create your own nail design
Designs downloaded from design catalogs can also be edited to your liking.
Photos and illustrations in your **artphone can also be turned into nails, so you can enjoy your own original nails.
You can enjoy decorating with the stamp function.

●How to use
- Download your favorite design from our catalog.
-Follow the app instructions to prep and insert your finger into the nail printer.
-One can be printed in about 15 seconds. Apply a top coat and you're done!

●Target model
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Nail Printer (NA-1000/NA-1000-SA)

What's New in The Latest Version 1.0.2

Last updated on Nov 14, 2022

・ 軽微な修正を行いました
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