PoGO CHAT - Trainer community

PoGO CHAT - Trainer community

Updated on:2022-12-07


Welcome to largest PoGO trainers community online!

Get to know PoGO trainers nearby and around the world and live chat with them.
With this app you can:

- Scan for nearby trainers to chat with and adventure together.
- Get in touch with trainers around the world and make real time chat conversations.
- Search for PoGO trainers with their in-game nickname or friend code and communicate directly
within app.
- Get found by nearby or international community (based on your profile privacy settings)
- Connect with web service to search for PoGO trainers around the world by country, city or
- Block or unblock trainers for communication.
- Receive push notifications for new messages (refer to settings to enable)

How to get found by nearby or international community?

- Go to My Account, the edit profile and select “Let other trainers find me” for Visibility.

How to completely hide your friend code online and still use the features?

- Go to My Account, the edit profile and select “Hide me” for Visibility. This setting will remove
your friend code and make you impossible to be added in game as a friend. This setting will
also make you invisible to nearby trainers.
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