Updated on:2022-12-07


Do you have health insurance with DSW? Then this app is for you!

• An overview of your policy, handy in the app.
• Claim invoices quickly and easily? With the app you photograph them and send them to us.
• Receive a digital invoice (PDF file)? You can also declare this with the app.
• Read messages between you and DSW? You will find them in the inbox.
• Insight into your healthcare costs? View all claims quickly and clearly.
• Check whether you have paid your premium? The payment overview provides a quick answer.
• Check the level of your deductible? You will be informed within a few seconds.
• Wondering if something is reimbursed? The app will quickly redirect you to the reimbursement overview.
• Forgotten your health insurance card at home? No problem, the app contains a digital version.
• Do you have a question? Easily contact us via the app.
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