Updated on:2022-12-06


Join the Beatcats and train them to your rhythm, join LIVE and raise your fan ranks in order to become a top artist.

Climb the fan ranks and progress! New songs will be unlocked, new events will begin in this game.
Let’s train more and increase your Beatcats level!

Make your house luxurious!
Just tap the screen to the rhythm! Just log in to get bonuses and perks!
--------------------------------------------------- --------------
■ Meet with Beatcats!
House: The dorm where the Beatcats live together.
Mix and match furniture and items to beat the Beatcats!
Put your favorite things in, and the Nekosta LIVE will start. You can tell the story behind how you feel like you are active.

■ Improve your skills with training!
Increase your balance between 5 skills: Vocal, Performance, Teamwork, Mental and Intelligence.
Spartan Train! More training types will be added in the future.

■ Join the LIVE!
All popular songs including Beatcats, ZigZag Love, MEOW, and more.
New songs will be released soon!

■ Beatcats Weather forecast
The daily weather forecast will also let you know!

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