Coloring Book by PlayKids

Coloring Book by PlayKids

Updated on:2022-12-06


"Coloring Book by PlayKids” is an online game for coloring drawings that brings together children’s favorite elements in creativity-filled moments to play with family, friends, or even by themselves!

Children can let their imagination loose by using colors, textures, and having a lot of fun! After selecting the theme and the drawing, children will choose between 4 different types of tools available (magic paintbrush, color pencil, classic pencil, and marker), which allow them to create paintings with different strokes and textures, in addition to over 40 colors to let the creativity flow and lead the fun.

Created by PlayKids’ childhood development specialists, this coloring game has over 140 drawings divided among 9 theme packs, such as:
- Animals
- Writing letters
- Commemorative dates
And more!

"Coloring Book by PlayKids" encourages and develops the following skills:
- fine motor skills
- color identification
- stimulating creativity and imagination
- improving concentration
- emotional regulation
- artistic expression

Age rating
"Coloring Book by PlayKids" is suitable for children older than 2 (two) years old.
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