The Ultimate Games Master UGM

The Ultimate Games Master UGM

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Updated on:2022-12-07


Calling all Dice Rolling, Monster-Slaying and Treasure Looting Adventurers!

The Ultimate Games Master (UGM) is a suite of easy to use, fully compatible, time-saving, epic-sounding experience-enhancing tools in one CRITICAL hitting app!

The UGM Roleplaying Companion App brings the world of role-playing games to your device. Whether you are a casual RPG player looking for a great way to hold your character sheets on your PC, tablet or phone or a creator of world striding adventures and Games Master extraordinaire, the Ultimate Games Master is the App for you.

Working offline or online you can experience all the joy, creativity and fun of a traditional Pen and paper roleplaying session, sat around a table with friends, with the added bonus of interactive play, remote play, mood, music, SFX and more. The UGM is also System Independent meaning it can be customised to be used with any RPG System or Homebrew version and being totally Cross-Platform it can be used to connect to the GM on virtually any platform.

The player module is the portal to your characters and holds all the information for your journey into an adventure with Online or Offline Play and a Character Builder with Interactive Character Sheets complete with a Dice Roller (if you have forgotten your dice). Connect to your GM to experience interactive connected play giving you the ability to send and Receive Private Messages from the GM as well as send messages to the other players. Utilise the Backup and sync between devices so a lost character sheet need not ruin the day. UGM comes with OGL based libraries including SRD5.1 and a Demo Campaign is included showcasing the functionality. Receive remote sound cues so even remote players can feel the atmosphere of the room.

Games Masters are in for a real treat when using The UGM. Not only do we include a full campaign designer and authoring system, but also give you the tools to use whatever rulesets you desire including total custom homebrew rule systems. Use UGM for Games Masters to create a more interactive experience for your players, and make campaign creation and campaign running a breeze. Add your own Images, Maps & Handouts to make your games really fun and immersive. Use the interactive Spectator Mode when you are either streaming your game online, running a public tournament or just to display a live overview of all your adventurers from a single device. Build your campaigns using the Treasure, Monster and Encounter Builders as well as the many other campaign building elements and tools.

Bring the Atmosphere to your RPG session with built-in sound elements featuring Rich Mood, Music & SFX Editors and access to the ever-growing UGM Mood, SFX and Music library. UGM also gives you access to other 3rd Party Music and Moods. Trigger music and SFX to autoplay when you enter an area or fire them off on-demand and send Audio cues automatically to remote players so they can experience the atmosphere

Spectator mode is where you can add external screens to show live information about the adventure. Show adventure and connected player stats in real-time on your screens or on your stream so people can track and see game/player statistics in real-time. If you do live streams you can even use UGM's Chroma Key Mode to overlay this information on your streams and casts in real-time so you can say goodbye to static data.

Use UGM's Device Sync to keep all your devices in sync with each other so you can start crafting a campaign on your computer and finish it on your phone.

Access to some parts of the app and full app functionality requires an active subscription.
For more information Join our Discord or check out our Website.

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