Pregnant Unicorn Mom Care

Pregnant Unicorn Mom Care

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Updated on:2022-12-07


taker who helps mommy in her pregnancy time. So let's ready for mom care game

Pregnant Unicorn Mom Care

Welcome to the world of Pregnant Unicorn Mom Care game. You will enjoy this game. Here we are waiting for an expert care
taker who helps mommy in her pregnancy time. So let's get ready for an amazing adventure of pregnant unicorn mom care game.

In this pregnant unicorn mom care game, we have lots of fun activities, who love to play with unicorn and also for
the moms who are getting bored in her maternity time. This mom care game is where you have to take care of the pregnant
mom's health. Help the mom their daily activities. Be her personal maternity doctor.

You have to play the role of a doctor and inspect mom health. Be a yoga instructor and help mom to do yoga for
relaxation. Let's celebrate the arrival of a newborn unicorn. But he looks little weak in health so he need some primary
medical treatment. Decorate the room with different tools for little unicorn. Entertain cute newborn with different
activities and play with him. Do the unicorn bath, feed her only with healthy foods, style her with latest dresses and accessories
because she is very stylish and love to get ready.


- Easy control to play
- HD graphics
- different medical equipment to cure
- Yoga activities
- Breathing activities
- Decorate baby room with different options
- Fun and play with newborn unicorn
- Stylish accessories to wear
- Fashionable dresses
- Feed with healthy food
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