3D Phone Case DIY

3D Phone Case DIY

Category:Role Playing
Updated on:2022-12-07


How much do you love your phone? Alright, we know. How about you make it super pretty with some customization work?

Welcome in Phone Case DIY, Unleash your creative mind and splash some colors on your phone backside!
Make it glow, wonderful, looks pretty! Make it glitter! Make it bling! it yours!

✦ Match Model
✦ Free Model

Gameplay Features
- Match Model containing Phone cases design available
⁎ Princes
⁎ Fruits
⁎ Kitty & Unicorn
⁎ Vegetables
- Free Model containing Phone cases design available
⁎ Barbie's
⁎ Models
⁎ Stickers
⁎ Accessories

How to Play
Start this phone case maker with 100% confidence because we know you can deal all customers who are there to design beautiful phone covers. They all came there by ready your great reviews of cover making designs. In Match Model there are different options you have to choose, select a design carefully. Spray the case with the right color and leave to dry it. It's worth noting that you can complete all steps by swiping your finger across the screen, so you can easily create the entire phone cover. Select paint
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